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Aside from the horses I have a lot of other things I like to do for fun. I'll be talking about them here in the very near future. :)

At long last I'm getting around to listing some information about my other pursuits, aside from HORSES! Well, some of these still involve horses or are based on horses, but anyway...

MRF - The Model Racing Form, or MRF, can probably be described to outsiders as "Fantasy Horse Racing" - loosely compared to other, better known sport hobbies such as Fantasy Football and Fantasy Baseball. This fantasy or model horse racing has its origins dating back to the 1960s. I'll write more on this in the future. MRF has changed its name to FTRA - Fantasty Thoroughbred Racing Association.

I have two MRF/FTRA farms. The first is called Firebird Farms and is based stateside, in the USA. The silks of Firebird Farms are red, black, and white. Overseas, based in Spain, is my International farm. That one is called Phoenix Stud and the silks are green and black. I've been on hiatus from the MRF for a few years now, butI would like to try and get involved again sometime.

Eventually I would like to build some pages for each of my farms and they may even warrant their own sites at some point, especially if I do find the time to get back to racing!

WoW - World of Warcraft. Yeah, I'm laying the geek on thick now. Truth be told when I first found out that a guy I knew played WoW, I teased him for being a dork. Almost seven years later, I'm still playing. I'm not nearly as involved as I once was, in fact I sometimes go months without playing these days, but I still have a bunch of toons in the game. I like to log on now and then to slay bosses, do quests, level professions and whatnot.

My original plan was to further expand this hobby section and build a webpage homage to my WoW toons, so stay tuned if you'd care to "meet" them - haha!